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Burnt multi-family residence

Uncovering Causes.

Assessing Impact.

Finding Answers.

When building elements fail or break, you need precise technical answers - in language that lawyers, insurance adjusters, property owners, and jurors can readily understand - to enable you to make well-informed and economically sound decisions.

House with severe roof damage

Finding the Cause of Damage

Wind. Rain. Snow. Fire. Human error.


When you hire Zachry Forensic Engineering, LLC to investigate the cause and extent of structural damage, you can rest assured that ZFE will fully investigate incidents, accidents, and failures thoroughly, unveiling the true details of what occurred and why (and necessary repairs). All of ZFE's professional opinions and conclusions are based on genuine conviction and ample knowledge.


When buildings break - when they are damaged or fail - figuring out the cause and extent is complicated and requires the right technical expertise. 

With over 20 years in structural design and forensic structural engineering, ZFE has the technical experience - and the interpersonal skills - to assess the full situation and present the findings in cohesive, easy-to-understand language.

Whether the damage or failure results from a weather phenomenon, industrial accident, poor engineering design, building code interpretation, or maintenance and operation, ZFE's extensive experience will lead to a complete investigation and assessment of the cause and extent of the damage, and when necessary, the scope of repairs.

Industrial building roof collapse
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Zachry Forensic Engineering, LLC does full scale structural damage assessments. 


  • Expert witness & litigation support

  • Substandard construction assessment

  • Code upgrade & compliance

  • Exposure & vulnerability assessments

  • Building envelope evaluation

  • Construction accident investigation

  • Foundation & structural examinations

  • Water intrusion

  • Wind damage (including hurricane & tornado)

  • Flood damage

  • Wind vs. water determinations

  • Earthquake damage & seismic evaluations

  • Snow loading damage

  • Structure settlement

  • Vehicle impacts

  • Tree impacts

  • Fire & explosion damage assessments


  • Wood Framing

  • Structural Steel

  • Steel Joists

  • Cast-in-Place Concrete

  • Pre-cast Concrete

  • Cold Formed Metal Framing

  • Masonry

  • Stucco

  • Siding

  • Brick Veneers​

  • Roofing

  • Windows

  • Doors

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Meet Allen Zachry, PE, SE
incipal Forensic Structural Engineer

With 25 years of experience in structural design and forensic engineering, Allen Zachry, PE, SE uses keen observation to connect the dots and conclude what actually happened, why it happened, and when relevant, who (or what) caused it to happen. He delves into aspects that others might overlook - relying on his strength to observe minute details while also maintaining a perspective on the broader picture, avoiding distraction of insignificant details.

A proud, third generation Wramblin' Wreck from Georgia Tech (BS, Civil Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology), Allen doesn't come across as your stereotypical "stuffy" engineer. Don't get us wrong, he loves the technical stuff, but he also tells a lot of great dad jokes! In his free time, he loves to downhill ski, hike, and spend time being a girl dad (which often requires remembering high school math to help with homework!)


Allen is licensed and practices in 9 states:

SE license in Utah; PE licenses in Florida, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Georgia.


Insurance In-house Counsel

Insurance Adjusters

Independent Adjusters

Property Managers

HOA Representatives

Building Owners

Restoration Contractors

Zachry Forensic Engineering, LLC is the right fit for you when you need a site inspection, an engineer's report, scope of repairs, or expert testimony IF:

  • You understand that making sound decisions in construction defect cases, large loss claims, and other building failures requires having accurate technical information to rely on.

  • You believe that experts should uncover the truth, advocate for science, represent factual information, and deliver answers grounded in verifiable facts.

  • You fully understand that you pay for the level of expertise that you receive, and you are looking for quality expert guidance without a lot of extra fluff that pushes the final cost well beyond the project's budget.

  • You recognize that sometimes knowing you have a weak case (based on the technical facts) can be equally as valuable as knowing you have a strong case because you can conserve the time, money, and energy for all parties involved.


ZFE has extensive experience investigating construction defects, weather and fire-related damage, building condition, and construction accidents. Below are just a few of the major projects ZFE has completed.

Industrial building roof collapse
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